I would like to receive composite bond for my gap. Any suggestions? (photo)

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Long or short term solution

Yes, a composite can be an option is not a big gap the one that you want to close, will be an aesthetical option for a few years and with affordable price.  If you are looking for a long term solution a full porcelain restoration veneer will be an option as well, they look naturally, last long years, it would not change color or stain and it is good investment that you do for your health. Your smile will be much beautiful and you will be very comfortable to smile. 

Bonding centrals will make them look larger.

Very easy to bond space closed but esthetics may not be great.  Moving centrals together first and bonding laterals would give a better result.

My first choice would be a DNA Appliance and epigenetic orthodontics/ orthopedics to grow a full wide maxiila and  smile

Close the gap between 2 upper central incisors

you can get the gap between upper incisors closed via chairside bonding which means we can add composite resin filling to close the diastema.This is a simple approach and conservative option to treat this condition, compared to porcelain veneers.

tip :if you like to whiten your teeth, i would recommend to whiten your teeth before you close the gap because the composite filling once placed cannot be bleached

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