Would I qualify for sleeve gastrectomy?

Im 5'2 weight about 209 with diabetes ac1 10.5, high blood pressure, cholesterol will i qualify for surgery will insurnace company paiy it and will i have to loose weight before i get surgery

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BMI of 38 with type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia qualifies for bariatric surgery

You meet the guidelines of most insurance companies for weight loss surgery, though there are still some hoops you will need to jump through.  You will probably have to go through a 6-12 month professionally supervised program of medical weight loss and exercise.  You will probably need to have a psychological evaluation.  Work with your primary physician to get those things taken care of, and you will be on your way to improving your life.

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It is impossible to determine what your insurance company will pay for - and the best way to find out is to simply make an appointment with a weight loss surgeon.  They will analyze your insurance benefits and also assess your personal situation. For example: you may be five foot one inch, you may weigh more than you think - and your insurance may cover you.  Or your insurance could have an exclusion to weight loss surgery. So find your local weight loss surgeon and make an appointment.

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