I would like to find a Surgeon who will perform Dermabrasion on my face for acne scarring?

Over 5 yrs ago I specifically researched and requested DERMABRASION. Instead I was "guided" to : Subscision, Laser Fraxel (the deeper of the treatments) and today-even after many cosmetic fillers my results are not nearly satisfactory, considering the thousands of dollars invested. Why are Doctors so very reluctant to use this "older treatment" for acne scarring? I am light skinned & thoroughly prepared for the somewhat alarming immediate after effects as well as down time. And WILLING to pay!!!

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Seeking dermabrasion

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As someone who has performed more than a thousand dermabrasions and written many articles and textbook chapters on the subject I can easily explain your difficulty in finding someone to do your procedure. Since the advent of lasers, which require far less training and skill to use, dermabrasion has faded as the first line of treatment for acne scarring. Secondly, the laser devices are very expensive so physicians who have them use them in order to recover their costs. Since fewer specialists are doing dermabrasion it is difficult for younger doctors to get trained in the technique. Lastly, some lasers do nearly as well as dermabrasion (the fractional CO2) although dermabrasion still remains the "gold' standard for treating acne scars.

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