I can't do fillers, any kind of injectables or surgery for health issues. Can microneedling add volume? (Photo)

Specialists here at RealSelf said that microneedling(ex: with H.Acid) can,with several treatments,"plump"and lift the skin by stimulating MY OWN collagen (without needing fillers). Others said that microneedling is a great alternative to add more volume and thicken the skin.My nose skin is very thin, and I believe that I could benefit from"localized"microneedling on the dorsum of the nose and under the columela. In the pictures I added little more than 1 millimeter to the areas. Is it possible?

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Microneedling w/PRP

Microneedling is collagen induction which will improve the area you area of concern. You will not see the instant lift like you would see using a filler. You will need multiple treatments for best results. I would always recommend using PRP with Microneedling. 

Hope this helps.

Ladera Ranch OB/GYN
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Microneedling/PRP is a Low Risk For Eye Wrinkles, Best Combine with Lasers, Botox, Fillers, Peels

Microneedling does well for collagen but it will not volumize or contour. I suggest a surgical procedure if you are not happy with the idea of using fillers.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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