I can feel my implant at 9 weeks post-op. Is that normal?

I'm 9 weeks post-op and I feel the ridge of my implant in my right breast, lower cleavage side. Is that normal? Will it be more apparent when they eventually "drop and fluff"? Or if I lose weight?

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I can feel my implant at 9 weeks post-op. Is that normal?

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery.  Depending on the size of your implant relative to the amount of natural breast tissue that you had to begin with you may be able to feel the implant along the outer and lower aspects of your breasts where the tissues are thinnest.  Only time will tell if it becomes more apparent with time, but with the implant volume redistribution many patients feel that it is improved.  Hope this helps.

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Feeling the Implant?

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It is not unusual to feel the edge of the implant somewhere if you know where to feel for it.  This goes for anyone who has an implant in place.  The most common areas to feel it at are along the bottom or outer side of the breast near your arm.  Whether this will change over the healing period is hard to say, but weight loss or gain can effect this.  I have had patients lose ten pounds and really feel their implants more, while others may not notice much of a change at all.

Feel implants

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It is quite normal to feel your implants since they are there. They tend to be felt more at the edges of your breasts. Please discuss any specific concerns you have with your surgeon.

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