I had to diep surgery on October 11th. I have experienced delayed hearing?

There was an area of concern on the side bottom of the flap. On Nov 7th they had to reopen the whole side scrape it for neurotic tissue or fat and close it up and added a drain. The top portion opened up and I had that repaired on Nov. 14th with a penrose drain. Now 4 days later the bottom is opening up. I'm very scared. I don't smoke and I'm not obese I don't know why this keeps happening. I did have chemo and radiation. Will this turn around? Any insight would be helpful.

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Postoperative recovery after DIEP surgery

Hang in there-  with a combination of radiation previously yes the junction between the flap and native skin can take longer to heal; generally, it looks as though the flap is getting decent blood supply

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