I have one breast bigger than the other after breast augmentation. What can I do to fix this? (photos)

I had breast augmentation in 2011 I have mentor smooth round high profile saline. R (500) L (450) it's noticeable in dresses and bathing suits it's very depressing what can I do to make them even or at least put more saline in the L breast at least 50 more cc or at least make it 48 or 49 I tried to just forget about it and deal with it but it's very upsetting if I go back to my doctor what will it cost and what are the risk? I'm 39 still healthy

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Return to your surgeon

I think you should see your surgeon to find out what can be done. An implant replacement can be performed in the one breast to even them out. It would probably cost a few thousand dollars, but you should ask your surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation

Hi SK,
Yes by all means go in and talk to your original surgeon, especially since you are feeling bad.  It is hard to say much without your preop photos, and a good set of current photos.  You may want to not only talk about a volume adjustment by adding to the left, but also a possible breast lift.  Or you may want to downsize both implants, all together.  Discuss potential fees.  There are many potential risks, like your first surgery, so be sure to go through the entire informed consent. Some offices use one year as a cut off for financial consideration.  All the best,
"Dr. Joe"

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I have one breast bigger than the other after breast augmentation. What can I do to fix this?

You need re operation with sterile sizers to adjust the volume issues! I think you are over 200 cc deficit ...

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I have one breast bigger than the other after breast augmentation. What can I do to fix this?

Based on only this picture, and not seeing your before pictures, it is hard to offer any useful comments. Start by seeing your plastic surgeon and discussing your concerns.

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Breast Size Difference

Tough to tell from your photo. Go back to your initial surgeon and discuss your options. If you came to see me we would be discussing an implant exchange and possibly a breast lift.

good luck

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I have one breast bigger than the other after breast augmentation. What can I do to fix this?

Hi. It would be interesting to see your before photos. Breast asymmetry is the norm and not the exception. The photos do not accurately reflect the shape and size of your breasts because of the angle they've been taken from. It does appear that your right has more volume. Was this a smaller breasts to begin with? It seems your surgeon attempted to compensate by placing more saline in the right than the left.

You would need to have a personal evaluation to better assess the situation. As far as going back to your doctor and the costs involved.............you need to ask him or her. If you decide to go to another surgeon chances are that it will be more costly. Only you can answer the question.......can I live with it? Only you will be making the decision. Good luck

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Breast asymmetry after breast augmentation

Based on your photographs it appears that the right breast is longer as well as larger than the left breast.  My guess is preoperatively your right nipple areola was lower than your left.  Simply making the left breast larger will not compensate for the asymmetry of your nipples and areola.  You will need an in person examination for proper diagnosis and recommendation.  However based on your photos a lift of the right breast will likely be needed to give you symmetry.

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