I had Botox injection in my forehead for the famous 11 and they are deep. She used 20 units. Should I worry? (Photo)

Hello I had Botox injection yesterday today I have 2 lil bumps mosquito bite size and are a lil blue should I be concerned about it? How look would it take to go away? is it ok to go in the sun and pool? I'm not sure if it's going to take a long time to see the accurate results but so far I don't see much of a deferent from what I was expecting she said it would take up to 5 days to see the final results we will see

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Bump after Botox

It sounds as though you may have a small bruise, which is not common but nothing to worry about.   Twenty units may not be sufficient to soften those lines, but it is always best to start small and top it up if necessary.

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Bumps After Botox Injection

Because you are seeing a slight blue hue in area of the bump, you most likely have a minor bruise at the injection site.  This will resolve in about a week or less.  One day post injection is too early to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment.  It takes a full two weeks to reach maximum results.

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The bumps are due to fluid volume and or a little bruising, Don't worry, they will go away. Twenty units is the correct amount but, i tell my patients 4-10 days before retreat.

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I had Botox injection in my forehead for the famous 11 and they are deep. She used 20 units. Should I worry?

Please re post after 5 days to see if you had any response. Either 20 units were not enough or the BOTOX was to diluted or out of date.. 

After Effects of Botox

Hi Nansi.  Everything you have stated is normal.  Your injector should have told you that the Botox can take up to a week to have full effect and this means you will see the muscles lose the ability to contract over that period of time.  

Regarding the bumps and bluish area.  The bumps are a normal part of the process but do go away fairly quickly (usually hours) and the bluish hue is most likely a small bruise.  This is more likely if you had alcohol the day before or day of, use Aspirin or  blood thinners daily or take some supplements such as fish oils.

Not to worry, everything should be just fine.

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Botox to 11s

It sounds like you have a small bruise possibly. I can't tell from your photo if you are scrunching up your face, or if this is taken at rest, but your 11s are fairly prominent. 20 units is what I would have put in this area, or maybe even 25, based on the muscle movement. If these lines are present at rest it is going to take awhile for you to see them soften. Botox works on dynamic lines. Those that are created when actively moving muscles. If these lines are present at a static time (when you aren't moving your facial muscles), then over time they will soften with Botox, but they may never completely go away. You won't be able to move the muscle the same which means you won't be able to make them worse or harder, but you may still have some even after the Botox kicks in all the way. Full results can take up to 10 days to achieve.

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You may be experiencing a small bruise from the injection.

You may be experiencing a small bruise from the injection. You will start to notice the effects from 3 days to 2 weeks. At 2 weeks if you feel your frown is still strong return to your injector for additional units. 

It is ok to be in the sun and pool. 


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I had Botox injection in my forehead for the famous 11 and they are deep. She used 20 units. Should I worry?

It takes 7-10 days to see full result from your treatment, little by little you’ll notice your muscles relaxing more by the day, the two little bluish bumps are most likely small bruises that will also go away in a few days 

Botox to glabellar region

20 units of botox in that area is an appropriate dose especially given the depth of your 11's. It is not uncommon to have bumps or mosquito bite looking areas from the injections. Those typically resolve in about 2 weeks. It may also take up to 14 days for your botox to reach peak effect.

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Botox in the Glabella area

Botox is great to treat these "worry" lines.  It sounds like you have some local swelling or bruising from the procedure which should go away fairly quickly.  You can resume your normal activity as advised by your physician and it will take two weeks to see the full results.

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