I had a bbl with Dr Ortega and I'm 3 months post opt. Will I have benefits for wearing my garment past three months?

I'm 3 months post opt bbl. I still ware my garment 24 hrs a day. I would like to know if It will be of any benefit to the shape of my body to keep waring it for a few more months? Or is my shape pretty much they way it will be..unless of course I lose or gain weight.. My question is should I keep using the garment or just be done with it? Or should I move to a waist trainer? Are they beneficial? Or a waist of time and comfort? Please help . thanks!

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Vest waist trainer benefit

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Great question!

Experience has shown the post  operative garment loses its elastic  compression  within one week after surgery due to the  elastic fibers  stretching in the garment and the volume of your waist reducing in size as swelling subsides.   
I would recommend wearing a vest waist trainer and adjusted tighter as much as possible.  I have seen some benefit in patients over the years from added compression with that type of garment starting at 3 weeks after surgery.  It reduces the bodies ability to form scar tissue into the small pockets of fluid that remain from the surgery but haven't been removed by the drain or  lymphatic massage or the loose post operative garment.   The vest waist trainer would not cause any increased loss of fat in the waste area but it would maintain the shape that you already have and hopefully reduce the irregular skin contour from fibrosis forming in the small fluid pockets from the surgery. 
I wish you well in your recovery,
Dr McAdoo 

  •  20 years experience
  • 33,000 operations
  • AOA board-certified plastic surgeon

BBL and garment

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Some surgeons dono t even recommend a garment. Best of luck wit your results.   You should probably review post-op care instructions with your doctor.

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