I had a BBL done 3/26/16 now I have fat necrosis! Will it go away on time, will I need surgery or lipo to that area? (photo)

Had a CT Scan done which verifies that I have a large disc-shape area of fat necrosis that is 5cm of thickness and 15cm in diameter due to trauma or injection. My right cheek is larger and unportion than the left cheek. What should I do? Can I have a bbl revision done? Will liposuction to that area help? Doctor put me on antibiotics for 14 days @ 3x a day will this help?

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Fat Necrosis

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hiSorry your having a bump in the road. Basic maneuvers such as massage can improve the area. I would reccomend waiting a while to remove it if you decide to do so. Fat necrosis per se is not a risk to your health or something that needs to come out. Over time it will shrink slowly. At that size though, you will likely have a permanent firm area. If you decide to have it removed I would wait 6 months minimum. After it is removed you may have an indent there that needs further grafting.
Hang in there!

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