Can my heavy morning eye hood be corrected by a plastic surgeon? If so, what would they likely be removing/fixing? (photos)

History: Double eyelid surgery performed 15 years ago. The hood of my eyes are so swollen in the morning that the lid and crease are nearly invisible. This swelling will very slowly subside throughout the day--as seen in the pictures. I can also induce the hood to recede and look like the third picture by applying pressure against it for about an hour. The massaging will release tears from the eyes and mucus from the nose, suggesting the issue is excess water, not excess fat.

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Morning eyelid edema

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It may be normal to have some swelling in the eyelids in the morning. Your last photo suggests that you do not need additional surgery, but instead, careful consideration of other factors that may cause eyelid swelling. A medical approach to the problem is head elevation, avoid sleeping prone (face down), avoid adding salt to diet, and see your primary care doctor regarding medications that could cause this (ACE inhibitors) if you are on any medications. A concern in your situation is consequences of removing more tissue when your eyelids look great in the last photo. Best wishes!

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You should look into upper eyelid blepharoplasty

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Blepheroplasty is the surgery you need.  You have extra skin on upper eyelids which simply gets water logged in morning and then gets better as day goes on. Keeping your head elevated when you sleep will also reduce this fluctuation of eyelid swelling.

Vasdev Rai, MD
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