Do you think I could have a good augmentation result without a lift? (photos)

I would like to be a full C or small D and was interested if good results could be achieve without a lift. If so what implant type and size. Would the results only last a few years?

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You appear to be a good candidate for breast augmentation.

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You would need to have an in-person consultation to be certain, but it looks like you have minimal sagging, and augmentation alone may suffice. A breast lift is necessary when sagging is pronounced, such as to the point where the nipple falls below the inframammary fold, but this doesn’t appear to be the case for you. Breast implants will restore upper pole fullness and volume to increase size and perk up your breasts. The results will last as long as the implants remain intact and your breast pocket maintains enough structural integrity to support them. A skilled surgeon can most likely perform an augmentation that will last more than just a few years with proper care and recovery.

Just an implant!

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Here's a way to look at your situation.  Your nipples aren't too low, your breasts are just too small!  The larger the breast, the lower the nipple should be.  The smaller the breast, the higher.  So, for your current size your nipples are too low.  But with a larger breast, you'll look great!  I use smooth round silicone gel implants, submuscular is a must.  Inframammary incision.  Use a size that fits your frame (determined by measurements at the time of your consultation).  Your results should last for years if you don't go too big.  Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation without a lift

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From the pictures you have a breast augmentation may  be adequate but really your skin tone is very important as well as your expectations. If your skin has decreased tone or strength then the implant will add additional weight to your breast and actually cause more sagging. I would recommend having a consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your expectations as well as how your skin tone will do with the additional weight from an implant.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Do I need a lift with breast augmentation

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It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Based on the photos and measurements you are providing I think that you can have good results with augmentation only without a lift, especially if you are open to using shaped implants.

Mohammed Alghoul, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Do you think I could have a good augmentation result without a lift?

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"Good" results will depend on your expectations with breast augmentation. A discussion and examination with your plastic surgeon will help you decide if a breast augmentation alone will achieve your goals. Thank you for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation versus Breast Lift

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It really depends on your desired outcome, but based on your photos, it looks as if you'd be fine with just a breast augmentation. However, an in person exam is necessary to truly give you an accurate recommendation. So, make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation with or without a lift

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your submitted photos and based on your overall goals, the procedure that would most benefit you to produce beautiful overall results would be a breast lift with augmentation. Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options, address your goals and work together to create a surgical plan that you are not just comfortable with, but will best help you achieve your overall desired goal.

Best regards
Dr. Lane F. Smith, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Las Vegas, NV

Lane Smith, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 98 reviews

Do you think I could have a good augmentation result without a lift

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Hi.. thank you for the question and photos... Yes with breast augmentation alone you will have good results, if you want perky breast, a periareolar lift could be done. 

Luis A. Mejia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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BA without lift

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Thank you for your question. Most likely you will get good result with implant only. It also depending on your goals. 

Augmentation alone?

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Thanks for your question. I feel you can have a very nice result with augmentation alone in the dual plane. Dual plane means that the pectoralis major muscle covers the top half of the implant and your breast tissue covers the lower half of the implant. The size of the implant varies from person to person and depends upon how much breast tissue you are starting with. I have found that using sizers or "trial  implants" to "test drive" the implants gives you a feel for how the implants will feel weight wise and how you will look in clothes. Most women don't want to go so large that none of their tops will fit any more. You seem to have reasonable expectations and can expect a very nice result. 
Spend some time with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and he or she will answer all your questions.


Michael Morrissey,MD

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