Garments vs waist trainer/ waist belts/ after a BBL? Why do I have to use a full Garment can't I just use compress the lipo area

I am just at 6 weeks and my garment is once again too loose.I was wondering what is the reason most doctors say you should wait 3 months before you start to wear a waist trainer? I understand that a waist trainer has much more compression than a garment but don't we need compression to help Shape our body? I would like to know why it is recommended to wait 3 months before waist training after a bbl. please help with this questions without just referring me to my PS. Because he is hard to contact

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Waist Trainers

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Waist trainers tend too be too tight for the immediate recovery period.  I have seen patients who have used these against recommendation, end up with creases and deformities in the abdominal wall.  You can sometimes use an elastic binder, a foam insert, or  a belly board if you need more compression with your existing garment, but hold off on the trainer until your swelling has subsided and you are healed. 

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