Is FUE recommended for thin hair? Is PRP or FUE risk of nerve injury? How many sessions I would generally need? (photos)

I am worried or afraid of the surgery. So looking at my situation, the pictures attached. What would you advice? I am 40 years old male who have very thin hair. So I am afraid the transplant will not work and the hairs will fall off. Also I had a bad dental surgery experience. I experienced a nerve injury and even after 3 years from date, there is 90% recovery but I still feel a sensation on the lips. Should I pursue just use conventional method like cap/wig and be happy what I have got?

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FUE is a method of harvesting hair follicles. It stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. If you are considering this type of

FUE is a method of harvesting hair follicles. It stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. If you are considering this type of surgery, it is best to discuss it with your doctor.  Most people who choose the FUE method because it does not leave a linear scar.  FUE does leave thousands of punctate round scars.

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Some good options for you

Hi there.  Based off the photo's your donor area appears to be a little on the thin side.  You should consider using multiple non-surgical therapies, such as, Rogaine/Minoxidil, Laser Therapy, Propecia, PRP (platelet rich plasma) or PRP/stem cell.  If you live in the Chicago area, you are more than welcome to stop in for a consultation.
Do not hesitate on asking more questions.
Best of lucks!

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What complications can I expect from a hair transplant?

Your dental experience is unique but I would not expect that type of experience with a hair transplant. When you say you have thin hair (shown in the photos) do you mean that your hair in the back of your head is fine, or possibly medium or coarse in character. Although nerve injuries are possibly in any surgery and small nerve endings do get damaged enough to produce some mild temporary numbness, major nerve injuries are very rare in the hands of competent and experienced hair restoration surgeons. PRP will not solve your problem, but a hair transplant could. Be highly selective in picking your doctor and be sure that your doctor has good credentials, that you get an opportunity to meet some of his patients so that you see the quality of the work he does, and then with a good education in this field about what the doctors offer, you can go for it. I put a check list together in the web reference below.

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Is Fue recommended for thin hairs?

One of the most important choices in any cosmetic procedure is choosing the right surgeon. You should  proceed with a skilled  and  experienced surgeon in this field , especially search for   ISHRS member Hair Surgeon .  

 Fue is a minimally invasive procedure and  most preferable method  nowadays. For your case both methods seems eligible and both will be available to cover %70 of the balding areas.

If your local   anesthesia and hair transplantation operation will be performed exclusively by a plastic surgeon (not technicians) most probably you will not face such problem

On the  other hand ,cap and wigs may cause further aggressive hair loss and some skin problem .

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