How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

I am 24 and have had 2 Injections spaced 2 weeks apart to fill tear troughs and lips with .7ml of juvederm voluma xc.

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Frequency of injection

While Voluma has been proven to last up to 2 years, it will slowly deplete over time.  When you are beginning to notice that the results that you love today are less visible, that's when you should consider a supplemental injection.  You can expect this may occur after approximately one year.

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How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

In the index studies that got Volume its; FDA approval, 67% of the product was still in place at 24 months. Therefore, it is reasonable to supplement your Volume every 12-18 months after initial treatment. Good luck!

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How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

Although, Voluma can last up to 2 years. the product can start to resorb as early as 12 months post injection.  If one wants to maintain maximum enhancement in an area, some patients return for further enhancement as early as 12 to 18 months.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

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Voluma filler frequency

Thank you for your question. The frequency of touchups with Voluma depends on your own preference.  It is gradually absorbed over about 12-18 months, but by that time it is almost completely gone so you are essentially starting from scratch.  Some of my patients prefer to wait a year or so before they come back, but others will have touchups as soon as 4-6 months.  

When you think it is time....

A base line photo will be great, as this give the look you have right now. Time will tell when you require another touch up. Filler such as Voluma last up to and sometime beyond 2 years, depending on where they are placed, and the depth. 

Here is the catch, even if the filler degrades over this time, you will also loose volume in parallel with the filler. How much natural volume loss you will have no one can tell. I normally tell my patients that a touch up of one third to one half is needed at one year. This is just a rough guide. 

Take a photo, and this will be your best guide. 

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Juvederm Longevity and Multiple Treatments

I do not believe that additional product for an HA filler makes the origional product last longer.  If you use the product to full correction the first time after about 6-12 months you can do a touch up to maintain the product for longer than 2 years.  However, if you do not correct to full correction, you will need more treatments before to get to that correction.  This is established at your initial consultation.  Best, Dr. Emer. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Voluma and product longevity

The original study of Voluma showed a 2 year longevity but the product was placed 6 syringes.  If you need only two syringes, you may need more in a year but the goal is a natural look and not one that is overdone.  Best, Dr. Green

How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

The two year results demonstrated in the pivotal study are based on "full correction" meaning that people are completely corrected during their course of treatment. Many patients had an initial treatment and a touch up during the first month or so but did not require interval maintenance following that initial treatment(s). With regard to product placement Voluma is ideal when placed deeply. I would not recommend using the product in the lips or the tear trough area. Juvederm is much much better for these areas. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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Volume Maintenance for Longevity

We have been using Voluma for approximately 8 years.  The longevity depends on the areas being treated.   If the product is truly placed under the muscle (supra-periosteal), it can last for many years.  I have a patient in whom it has lasted 5 years and 11 months before we just touched it up.   The best way to maintain is to take photos of yourself every 6 months to compare and contrast.  

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How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

Thank you for your question. Voluma has shown effective results for up to two years after injection.  Because the filler is gradually absorbed by your body, you will need periodic touch-ups to maintain your current results.  The timing of these touch-ups will depend on how quickly your body absorbs the Voluma, which can be assessed by direct visualization.  Hope that this helps. 

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