Follow up to previous question: 2 Months After Eyelid Surgery ,Whats Next?? Don't Know if I'm Healing Correctly. (photo)

I post pictures a month ago saying I was very displeased bout my eyelid surgery. I had surgery June 2, and two months later and still have the extra skin I got surgery for. I want know if it stealing healing right or do I have go back in for a 3rd surgery. Help!!!?? No answer please. Thank you.
Here is a link to my previous question with photos.

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Difficult to see a difference

Thank you for your question Valneice . You are looking great!

At 2 months you would have fully healed from your eye lid surgery and it is unlikely that extra skin is going to shrink back. It seems that your surgeon was very conservative in not reducing enough skin from your eyelid and as a result you still have excess skin left.

I would suggest you return to your surgeon and discuss this with him, the only way to remove this is to surgically remove it again and usually this is not done until 2-3 months after surgery when all the swelling and scaring has settled.

Good luck with your results and all the best for your outcome

Do I still need eyelid surgery?

An evaluation with a facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon can help you evaluate for ptosis which was present before the surgery, brow ptosis due to brow descent, or residual eyelid skin. 

Jose E. Barrera, MD, FACS
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Undesirable results

Thank you for your pictures. It looks like that your left eye has ptosis. This could be a result from your surgery. I would revisit with your surgeon to see if he or she agrees and to see if a ptosis repair is necessary

Eyelid symmetry

It appears as if your left eyelid sits lower than your right. As previously discussed, this is likely a ptosis (muscle laxity) that requires another procedure to fix. As always , it's impossible to give exact advice without an in person exam.


David Shifrin, MD
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Thank you for posting a follow-up photograph.

You had marked postoperative swelling after your original surgery two months ago.  What we see know is a failed ptosis surgery.  The left upper eyelid is plain heavier than the right side.  The swelling can actually cause the eyelid to be pulled apart internally contributing to post-operative ptosis.  The issue is that you are most definitely going to need the ptosis addressed to obtain a satisfactory result.  I do not foresee time healing all of the issues with this eyelid.  Most of us would like to see you heal a full 6 to 12 months before you have more surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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