Can't do fillers or surgery due to health reasons. Can microneedling boost collagen to fill a depressed spot in the nose area?

I can't do fillers cause they cause bad reactions on me, my body just doesn't take them very well (tried! failed)...microneedling is an area of great interest of mine so I usually have lots of questions about it and will keep researching and get informed about it(at RealSelf too). My skin is very thin and I believe that if microneedling can pump up an area making the skin thicker, it would probably give the appearance of a less depressed spot on my nose. It's my only option! Thank you very much.

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Micro needling and collagen.

Yes, it can help, results will vary.  I would use an energy based system such as INFINI RF and combine this with PRP or platelet rich plasma for the best results. Can not guarantee the depressed area will go completely, but this combination has a good chance of improving that area. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. 

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The short answer: it could help. It is difficult to say for sure without seeing the area in question. The goal of the microneedling is to create a controlled injury that your body has to fix. That process alone will start the cascade of events that leads to repair, including collagen formation. The big question is, can it fix the depression you have. It should improve it, but may take several sessions to see the results. And, if the depression is too large, it may not be enough. Also, it depends on how your body heals. If you have a scarring tendency, or autoimmune process creating the issue--then causing a controlled injury may not result in a predictable healing response from your skin-- as there is an underlying problem to begin with. So, go see an expert that can evaluate your spot. Let them know exactly what the problem was that created the depression and what the issues were to the products you already tried. (Most people do not have problems with current fillers). Let them know what you "tried and failed". Then they can give you a better assessment as to whether controlled needle injury is worth pursing. 

Miguel A. Gutierrez, MD
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The Collagen Boost with microneedling/prp, lasers, sculptra, radiofrequency

Yes, microneedling can boost collagen production. With mircroneedling, I suggest a combination of prp, lasers, radiofrequency and/or sculptra for collagen, rather then microneedling alone. See an expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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