What facial feminization procedures might be right for me? (Photos)

Hey! I am transsexual (male to female) and in order to pass better, I think I want to get facial feminization surgery. There are a few features I also really don't like about myself: I feel like my eyes are too small, my face is too long, my jawline is too wide, and my nose is too large. What surgeries would be useful for me to pass better and have a more feminine/attractive face? I feel like I look like a different person depending on the angle, so I included several different photo angles

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MTF face surgery

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I would do a rhinoplaty and buccal fat pad reduction.  I think the benefits of a rhionplasty are likely easy to explaine.  Reducing the buccla fat pads via an intra oral incision will narrow the lower face at the mid and lower cheek.  It wont narrow the jaw but I thin it will give you most of what you are looking for.  I would do that see if you like it.  If you want more reduction than reducing the gonial angle of the jaws would be nice.

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