Why are doctors in the U.S so modest when it comes to fat transfer? (Photo)

I'm here everyday and the thing I constantly hear in regards to fat transfer "I wish it was more!" While there is a overall improvement they always say I wish it was more!, I see that the women who go to the Domincan Republic get more but I don't want to travel and risk getting a blood clot, I will pay extra to stay at home, Why are the Doctors in the U.S modest with fat transfer? Is there a medical explanation for this??

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Why are doctors in the U.S so modest when it comes to fat transfer?

There may not be one reason for your observation, however, it may also not be totally accurate. Many pictures that people post are very early after surgery when there is swelling. After 3 months, things may look different. Also, my personal experience in seeing patients who go to southern Florida or to other countries for BBLs and TTs, is that in order to get as much fat out as possible, some surgeons are very aggressive on the liposuction - to the point where patients get large fluid collections (seromas), loose skin, and contour deformities. These patients then end up back home without a surgeon to deal with the consequences. They may have gotten a larger fat transfer, but now have to find someone  to have drains for fluid collections, treat infections, deal with loose skin and bad looking liposuction areas. So there are trade-offs with everything, and overaggressive treatment may not be best.

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Modest fat transfer

Great question!

The state of Florida Florida restricts how much liposuction can be performed in each procedure. Please refer below for a section of the standards of practice for medical doctors from the department of the state of Florida administrative code and register.

 64B 8–9.009 (2) (d) In any liposuction procedure,  The surgeon is responsible for determining the appropriate amount of supernatant fat to be removed from a particular patient. A maximum of 4000 mL supernatant fat maybe removed by liposuction in the office setting. A maximum of 50 mg per kilogram of lidocaine can be injected for tumescent  Liposuction in the office setting. (e)  Liposuction maybe performed in combination with another separate surgical procedure during a single level II or level III operation, only in the following circumstances:  1. When combined with abdominoplasty, liposuction may not exceed 1000 mL of supernatant fat; 2. When liposuction is associated and directly related to another procedure, the liposuction may not exceed 1000 mL of supernatant fat; 3. Major liposuction  in excess of 1000 mL supernatant fat may not be performed in a remote location from any other procedure. 

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