Difference between buccal fat and subcutaneous fat?

Hi. I have a fat face but I don't know if it is caused by excess buccal fat or subcutaneous fat. How to tell which one of these or both result in a fat face? And if I work out really hard to lose weight, I can only lose subcutaneous fat but never buccal fat, is it true? Thanks a lot!

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Difference between buccal fat and subcutaneous fat? = very simple: the location of them #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #fat

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Subcutaneous fat is the fat located underneath the skin : Sub = bellow, Cutaneous = skinbuccal fat is a fat pocket located inside the lower cheeks: Buccal = around the mouth .
Subcutaneous fat makes the overall (entire) face to look either fat or skinny.Buccal fat pad makes the LOWER ANTERIOR CHEEKS to look chubby. 
I hope this explanation answers your question. 

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