As a diabetic, should I consider a Tummy Tuck and BBL?

I'm diabetic, and I'm considering both a tummy tuck and a bbl. I'm really interested in having my surgery done in Chicago. As a diabetic, is this something I should be considering. Also, can you give me an estimate on Chicago pricing for a BBL and a tummy tuck

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I routinely see patients who are diabetic for both tummy tucks and BBLs. Obviously, the same criteria apply to you as for all patients - are you a good candidate for the procedure? Do you have other health risks? Do you have reasonable expectations about the results? If the answer is yes, we can definitely manage your sugars and, if necessary insulin, to get you through the surgery and recovery period. The harder question is Will the tummy tuck help your diabetes? Depending on your body habitus the answer may be yes. There are a number of studies looking at the beneficial effects that cosmetic surgery has on diabetes and, while hardly definitive, the indication is that blood glucose drops as do the demands on the pancreas. I'm in the Chicago area and would be glad to talk more if you'd like. Good luck.

Munster Plastic Surgeon
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MM for a diabetic

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Most Diabetics can have plastic surgery safely. To minimize risks, you, your diabetic doctor along with your plastic surgeon need to make sure that your diabetes is under good control before and after the procedure. Although some complications may be increased, such as infection, the odds are generally in your favor that you will do OK

Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question. If your sugar levels are under control, then it is okay. Medical clearance is required before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Henry Mentz, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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As a diabetic, should I consider a Tummy Tuck and BBL?

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Thanks for your question.  The short answer is yes.  The longer answer is that is really depends on your overall health status, just like with any other patient.  Excellent sugar control is paramount.  Surgery causes stress on your body and thus your sugars can be affected.  With proper pre-op screening and medical clearance you should be able to undergo surgery.  I am not in Chicago, but I imagine the pricing is similar to any large metropolitan center.  Check out the RealSelf Pricing pages for a better idea of pricing.

Tummy Tuck

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It´s my pleasure to answer your question.

As long as your sugar blood levels are stable for the last 6 months it´s ok to have surgery.


Dr. Aramis Vega
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Aramis Vega, MD
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Abdominoplasty/BBL with diabetes

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Hi… simply having the diabetes does not exclude you as a candidate for tummy tuck/abdominoplasty with or without BBL. What is most important is that your diabetes is well controlled and your hemoglobin A-1 C is at a normal level.

In seeking a plastic surgeon for your procedure, it is critical that you find a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of plastic surgery. This will help ensure that you are evaluated thoroughly and the procedure is done with the utmost attention to safety.

I wish you the best.

Joubin Gabbay, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Diabetes...To operate or not to operate

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All candidates for cosmetic surgery should undergo a through review of their medical history with their surgeon. A heathy patient is a generally a safe, and ultimately a happy, satisfied patient.

Diabetes is not an absolute contraindication to surgery. While diabetics typically have higher complication rates, a well controlled diabetic whose blood glucose levels are tightly maintained can certainly undergo surgery with minimal risk.

As always, discuss your concerns with a board certified plastics surgeon. 

Donovan Rosas, MD
Kissimmee Plastic Surgeon
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