What does a DCF feel like and look like?

What does a DCF feel like once its fully healed and incorporated into the nose? Does it feel like regular bone that is meant to be on the bridge? Also, and more importantly, does it look like the bone that's meant to be on the bridge? Is there a difference in what DCF in the bridge and bone in the bridge looks like, or is it impossible to tell the difference, especially if the surgeon is very experienced. I'm wondering because I've never seen one in person and am considering my options.

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What does a DCF feel like and look like?

Hello Hoskel - Thanks for your question. A DCF graft is made from tiny bits of cartilage and a soft-tissue covering such as TPF (temperoparietal fascia) from the lateral hairy scalp.  It is a soft, moldable graft that will solidify when fully healed.  It is never as hard or harsh as a bony graft would be.  It feels softer like the tip of the nose but with some firmness to it.  I use DCF grafts routinely for bridge augmentation.  In certain cases I will use a silicone graft.  I typically only use bone for nasal reconstruction cases.  DCF is a very natural looking augmentation.  I stay away from Medpore grafts for bridge augmentation because they look very harsh and skeletonized in my opinion.  I recommend that you find a rhinoplasty expert with a good experience in DCF graft augmentation to get more information.Good luck,  Dr. Shah

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