Seven days post op, noticing deviation becoming worse by day. (photos)

I know I may be over reacting, it's extremely soon in the recover, but what are the chances that this could worsen?? There was a mild bump to my nose four days post op, obsessively thinking it has everything to do with it, I had a deviated septum to begin with so I don't expect things to be perfect, yet this deviated appearance seems to get more noticeable by day, is this normal??

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Nasal deviation

It is too early at this point to judge the degree of deviation as there is too much swelling to resolve yet and forces of contraction for the first 3-4 months can still change things. However, it is best to discuss this with your surgeon and have a formal postoperative evaluation done. I hope this helps snd good luck.

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Nasal deviation

It is too early to tell at this point. You will go through a lot of changes over the next several months as the swelling subsides.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Postoperative recovery after septorhinoplasty / nose surgery

Yes- there is a significant amount swelling early on depending on what was performed; most swelling decreases over 2 months and more over a year;  would encourage seeing your rhinoplasty surgeon.. hang in there and best of luck

Samuel Lin, MD, FACS
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