What cup size if I still have 15lbs to lose?

I have struggled to lose weight. When I was in the best shape of my adult life, I was 155 lbs, 32 rib, 39 full bust. At the moment I am 173, 35 inch rib, 43 full bust. (32 and 34 G respectively). Should I be aiming for reduction to a B or a C cup if I want to be a B? I'm 5'5" I am in pain every day and I fought like hell to get ins approval. My surgery date is 8/17 and I will not move it.

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Considering cup size with breast reduction in Melbourne, Florida

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Cup size is not a realistic end point goal after breast reduction surgery due to the fact that cup size varies depending on the manufacturer and brands of bras.  Therefore, the more appropriate consideration truly is the proportion of the breasts compared to the patient’s weight and frame overall.  I would discuss this in detail with your board-certified plastic surgeon and make sure that you are clearly communicating what you want in terms of size with relation to your proportion and frame.  I hope this helpful.  Best of luck!

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What is I lose weight after breast reduction.

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On average we find many will lose weight after breast reduction and there should be little difference in the breast size or shape after 15 pounds. You should review your goal with your surgeon to see if a B cup is reasonable for you.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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