Congestion after turbinate reduction/septum surgery on July 20th 2016. It is now August 1st (6 weeks post-op)?

I broke my nose about 10 years ago never got it fixed. He told me there was a lot of scar tissue inside which needed to be removed as well. I am still congested. It is on and off in the morning I get some drainage but other than that throughout the day I am congested. I can hear a whistling sound in my nose during the day but still nothing comes out. I got this surgery to relieve my congestion. How long it will take for the Congestion to go down.

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Congestion after nasal surgery

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Sorry to hear this. Was your breathing ever good after surgery? Often times patients can get significant crusting inside the nose which can block your breathing until removed. I would start using nasal saline several times a day and make an appointment to see your surgeon. Good luck!

Congestion after surgery

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It is difficult to say why you are still congested 6 weeks after surgery. You need to be examined. It may represent allergic or nonallergic congestion, septal perforation (opening in the septum), or nasal valve obstruction. Please follow up with your surgeon who will be able to answer your concerns. 

John B. Lazor, MD, MBA, FACS
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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