What is the concern of post op care after 10 days?

From my understanding grafts are secure after 10 days especially if no crusting is present. If that is the case what is the concern some doctors have for using concealers, makeup, exercising, or specifically cutting the recipient hair within 2 weeks? Can irritation to the skin cause poor growth? Also, is poor growth due to poor post op care usually accompanied by some type of blood or infection i.e will patients know if post op caused damage?

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Post-Op Care

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While it's true the grafts are secured within 10 days, it often takes longer for the surrounding tissue to fully heal. Using an excess of products, particularly ones with a lot of chemicals, can agitate this surrounding tissue while it's still delicate and possibly (although rarely) introduce an infection. Plus, everyone heals different and although most people's grafts are safe by 10 days it may take a few extra days for some.

Poor growth can definitely be caused by poor care or infections, but there is always some element of luck involved as well. A patient can do everything right and still end up with lackluster results, and vice versa, patients who don't follow instructions well may still end up with a very full head of hair.

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10 days post operative

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The grafts are pretty secure at 10days however the scalp isn't completely healed.  I don't expect any infection, as it is pretty rare.  You should check with your physician to determine what he believes is acceptable for post op care.

Justin Misko, MD
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It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.

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It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.  Doctors have their own way of doing things despite certain facts.  It does not mean they are wrong or right.  If you trusted your doctor with your surgery you should trust your doctor for care after surgery (over information you read on the Internet). 

Jae Pak, MD
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yes, the grafts are secure by the 10 day period. However, your skin and surrounding tissue is still healing. The mentioned products can cause irritation to the recipient area, and may even introduce an infection. Poor growth can be due to a number of factors, and infection is rare.

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Post operative treatment

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In short, yes, they can.  

Follow post operative instructions closely, use only organic products for your hair care, and at day 10, you still have significant healing to undergo so be patient and avoid use of the products you mentioned until 28 days post procedure for optimal results. 

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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Post op care

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after 10 days, you are in pretty good shape.  The key is really once the crusting has fallen off.  Those grafts are in there fairly secure.  Some surgeons are concerned about anything that may irritate the scalp as for the first few weeks (depending on how tightly packed they were placed, the number of follicular units transplanted, etc) as this can send some of the follicles into a shock state.  But this is exceedingly rare and very patient dependent.  There is no reason why after 2 weeks you shouldn't be able to trim, but ask your operating surgeon.  They may have a reason specific to your case.  Best of luck!  Enjoy your new hair! 

Miguel Mascaro, MD
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When are grafts secure

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I wrote an article on this very subject and what we said is that once the crusts are off and you are past 7 days, the grafts are secure

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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