Can I have my columellar strut removed and also have my tip projected?

I currently have a strut which is bulky width wise and length wise, affecting my smile (I believe) and making it look like my columella is hanging towards the front of my tip. I want it out. Can I still have my nose projected slightly without it there? I dont mind having a subtle drooping tip and I really dont like having it in.

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Can I have my columella are strut removed and also have my tip projected?

A full set of facial photographs and an in-person examination are required to make a determination about a very difficult surgical procedure, such as a revision rhinoplasty. It's also important to identify what was performed in the first procedure, so of copy of the old records would be helpful.

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It is possible to preserve tip projection with removal of a collumellar strut often. This is most useful when a strut that is too wide disfigures the nose.

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