Why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut?

Hello, I wanted to know why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut? What are the reasons? What does it do to the structure of the nose, columellar, and the long term of the nose?

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Columellar struts are useful

A columellar strut is a piece of tissue that is placed in the nose between the middle of the lower nose cartilages. The location is the columella, the region of the nose that is between the nostrils. It is very useful for many purposes and widely used by rhinoplasty surgeons.

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Use of columellar strut

Columella strut grafts are use for many different reasons. I use them in almost every single Rhinoplasty I perform. Two grafts I never have regretted are spreader grafts and columella strut grafts. The length of the graft is insignificant for your purposes. The graft is placed between the two cartilages called the lower lateral cartilages that partially run behind the skin between your two nostrils above the lip. This region is called the columella. This strut graft sits between them and can give support to the nasal tip, as well as help to position the nasal tip exactly where the surgeon is trying to place it. Those are the main functions that your average surgeon will use this graft for. There are other applications, but those are the two main ones.

Use of Columellar Strut in Rhinoplasty

A columellar strut is used to improve tip support and maintain or improve tip projection. The length of the strut will vary depending on the size of the nose and the needs of each patient.

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Why columellar strut is sometime necessary in rhinoplasty.

One of the complications of rhinoplasty is the loss of tip projection after the procedure, especially in cases where the tip cartilages are week and the tip is mainly suported by a high nasal bridge or the hump. In these cases the columella is reinforced with a piece of cartilage harvested from the septum, the so called columellar strut. If this is not done, one could develop a fullness above the tip which is not desirable and the aesthetic results would be poor.

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Columella strut cartilage graft in rhinoplasty

  • A "columella strut" is a small rectangular piece of cartilage placed in the lower nose below the tip, extending straight out from the base of the nose to the tip
  • The graft adds support to the tip to keep it from drooping and can help maintain or increase the tip projection forward
  • Some prominent surgeons consider this an essential part of most rhinoplasty surgeries. In the case of open tip surgery, this is particularly true.
  • This is not a graft that the patient can see, but it does help the result when done right

1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut? Why

Thanks for the question. If the question is why such a long strut then it does not surprise me since its possible to use this length in a given situation. Some surgeons put this strut right from the anterior nasal spine on the bone to the new dome of the tip of nose and some don't go so deep into the base of cullumella. If your surgeon went so deeply then he can very well use this length specially he wanted to post operative tip drop seen so often after Rhinoplasty.

Columellar Strut Measuring 1.5 Centimeters in Length

A columellar strut is typically used to stabilize the structural support of the nasal tip during rhinoplasty. It is usually buried in between two other pieces of cartilage to make sure the tip stays in the desired position. Otherwise, the nasal tip may be prone to dropping as the healing process unfolds. 

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Columellar strut graft is for tip support

The use of a columellar strut graft is to support the tip and maintain tip projection after open and some closed rhinoplasty. It is a common approach and if well done is not visible. The length you mention is not remarkable.

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Columellar struts commonly used

It is quite common to use a columellar strut on rhinoplasty cases.  I use them most of the time I perfoorm open rhinoplasty to maintain support of the nose.  It does help to keep the nose in proper position and after about a year you will nor even know its there.  1.5 cm is actually on the small side being only 2/3 of an inch.  Good luck.

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Columellar Strut

The Columellar strut is a well established technique to maintain tip support and stability in Rhinoplasty  The major mistake some Surgeons have with the technique is making this form of cartilage graft too small and thereby less functional.  1.5 cm is well within normal limits, depending on the size of the nose.

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