How much collagen does microneedling produce? And what products are more effective to stimulate growth?

Imagine that I have a big depressed spot on my face... and I want to add fullness to it.How many "milimeters" can it "grow" and in how many sessions?Collagen fills the skin, right? I for example have a BIG depressed scar on my cheek.It kinda goes down about 3 or 4 milimeters (I know right? BAD) and I'd like to know how many milimeters can microneedling 'add'. Please give me an actual number of what is POSSIBLE...I don't care if it takes 30 sessions. What's the BIGGEST number skin can increase?

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Collagen and Microneedling

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I suggest combining microneedling with PRP and lasers to get the best outcome.  Sculptra/PLLA can be used as well to get even more improvement.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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