Chin liposuction recovery - 6 weeks post-op.

Hi, I had my chin liposuction done first week of October. However I still have lumps under, tenderness and numbness. It still hurts and I am unable to fully lift my head. My doctor assured me it will go away, but I am freaking out and would like to make sure it could take that long? He did not suggest for me to wear a strap (as I read many reviews doctors are actually suggesting it) but apparently that would give the same results with or without it. Please help. Thank you

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Liposuction results are not immediate and Rome was not built in a day

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Thank you for your question and the opportunity to explain normal wound healing.

While TV shows may depict immediate before and after results....healing takes time.

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for normal scar tissue to build(CALLED THE PROLIFERATIVE PHASE OF WOUND HEALING ) and another six weeks for scar tissue to remodel (CALLED THE REMODELING PHASE).

Allow sufficient time to elapse for the normal course of wound healing to occur, approximately 6 months, prior to performing a final assessment of the results.

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