How much do chin fillers and Botox normally cost?

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Cost for botox

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Thank you for your question.  Cost of Botox and/or filler vary by geographical area and experience of injector.  Best to seek care from an experienced, qualified injector and ask about pricing during your consultation.  Botox is often priced per area or per unit.  Filler is often priced per syringe.  Best of luck.

Cost of Botox and Fillers

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The price of Botox and Facial fillers really depends on your geographic location, who is injecting the product as well as how much product is needed. We typically do Botox for $450 which includes the 3 most popular sites (glabella, forehead, and crows feet). And our two most popular facial fillers Restylane and Radiesse are $550 per syringe. I hope that helps answer your question. Best of luck.

J. Timothy Heffernan, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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How much do chin fillers and Botox normally cost?

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Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  Dermal filler and Botox will vary in price based on geography, as well as injector experience and type and amount of material used.  In general Botox will average between 12-15 dollars a unit while filler can range from 400 to over 1000 dollars a syringe.  Hope this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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How much do Botox and fillers cost

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Thank you for asking your question. The cost depends on how much product is used and which type of filler is used. See an experienced physician for your treatment.  Good luck,

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