Cemented crowns surface treatment?

I had 20 teeth crowns placed about a year ago, at the time I really liked the results and the color however, now my skin got a little darker/yellowish and I think the crowns are too white. I was wondering if there is any temporary solution to make them a little more yellow even if if just lasts a while. I was wondering if any sort of light yellowish glaze or resin is now available as a temporary solution. Thanks

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At this point, you will not be able to change the color of your crowns. The only way to change the shade at this point would be that have all of your crowns replaced. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Changing Porcelain Crown Color

You will be unable to change the color of theses crowns.  You would have to have them all replaced.  I would not recommend this.  Good luck.  

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Color change on crowns, is it possible? No.

Once the porcelain, independently if it is a crown, onlay, veneer, or restoration, it wont change the color. That is one of the reasons because it is used in dentistry as it has color stability over the years. The only way to solve it is having all them replaced.

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Porcelain dental restorations are very color stable

One of the BEST things about modern dental materials is the color stability.  One of the BAD things about dental materials is their color stability.  This is commonly demonstrated when people bleach their teeth, but the fillings and crowns stay the same color (needing replacement).There really is nothing that can be done with these new crowns.  Total replacement is the only way to change the color.

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Crowns too White

Realistically, there isn't something that can be applied to your teeth that can remain there in order to "yellow" your teeth. One solution might be to remove a thin amount of porcelain from the outer layer of the crowns and veneer them with a darker shade of resin material. It's not ideal, but may be able to help for a period of time for you.

Crowns too white

Unfortunately once crowns are cemented the color can't be changed. Having a tan can make teeth appear brighter. The only way to change the color is to remove the crowns and start over. 

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