Could a buttock augmentation serve to provide needed relief for lower back pain?

I have struggled with lower back pain for almost 20 years. Plopping a soft pillow in the small of my back provides relief many a times and so I wonder if the steep curve in the small of my back has something to do with the pain. While researching botox injections for migraines, I found suggestions that botox likely "relaxes" tense muscles in the injection site, eliminating pain from these muscles. Can buttock augmentation particularly in lower back yield significant reduction in lower back pain?

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The difference between Botox and buttocks

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The simple answer is no. There is no documented evidence showing that gluteal and hands meant as any physiological benefit other than aesthetic looks. If anything it can cause ongoing problems such as pain and numbness. I suggest having a thorough have valuation for your back pain. Talk to your primary care physician about what's been going on. You may have some serious underlying back pathology that could be treated through variety of ways. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Buttock augmentation and lower back pain

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Thanks for the question.  I can see no medical reason why any type of buttock augmentation would alleviate lower back pain.  I am unaware of any studies documenting any sort of beneficial effect.

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