Bump on the bridge of my nose due to hematoma? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago.After a week I developed hematoma on my bridge.Now the left of my bridge has a bump.Is this bump due to swelling or the implant on my bridge shifted or scar tissue?And the left side of my bridge where the swelling still visible when i tilt my head to the side it feel funny it seems like there's a fluid or sometimes feels like the implant moves to the side as i tilt my head.Is it normal?

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You are best to follow closely with your surgeon to make sure your implant is ok.  Best of luck with your results.

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Bump on the bridge of my nose.

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What you might be feeling is the implant on the bridge of the nose, though we just don't know what is at issue without an office examination. Check in with your surgeon and let him have a look.

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Bump on Nose

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Thank you for your question.
Even though you did a very nice job supplying pictures from multiple angles, what's really needed is a physical exam to know what's going on.  I recommend you contact your surgeon and discuss your concerns.
Best,Dr. Michael EpsteinMAE Plastic SurgeryNorthbrook, IL

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