Breast lift with small implant? (photos)

I'm 34 yrs old with no children and I wanted to get a breast lift with a small implant my breast are saggy from weight lost...I don't have any children but if I plan to in future with it effect the lift and implant? I'm not sure if I should do it now or wait ?

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Breast Lift and Pregnancy

There is no way to know if you will need additional surgery after pregnancy.  Protect yourself with a good sports bra, and be careful with your weight.  If you are ready for a lift and augmentation, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person exam.

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Breast lift with small implant

I am afraid that if you get pregnant after the proposed surgery that at a minimum, the lift would have to be performed again. There are cases where the implant needs to be changed also if you lose breast tissue and your breasts appear smaller with the tissue loss.

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Breast lift with small implant?

Time, gravity, weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy are all factors that can dramatically affect the shape and appearance of the breasts.   This is the case whether or not you have a breast augmentation and/or breast lift.  Some women are affected more and some much less.   So yes, your breasts may change after pregnancy after having a lift and implant, but it is not possible to predict how much.  Could be a lot of change, could be not much at all.  Hope that is helpful -

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Breast lift with small implant?

Thank you for your question which is an important one for many women.  I think you have to weigh the benefits of undergoing surgery now versus the likelihood that sometime in the future when you have children your breasts will change as a result of the pregnancy and possible breast-feeding.  There is no correct answer and you have to make a decision as to what your priority is.  If you conclude that you are going to have a pregnancy in the next year or two I probably tell you to wait for the surgery, but if your plans for pregnancy are distant and unclear then why not benefit from an improved self-image.  No one can say whether a future pregnancy will require revision of the implant and uplift surgery but that does remain a risk.
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Pregnancy after breast lift.

We feel it is unlikely that breast lift will interfere with breast feeding if that is your concern. Also the implants should cause no issue so no reason to wait if you are ready for an augmentation and a lift.

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Breast lift with small implant?

In most cases, a breast lift will still allow for breast feeding. Pregnancy may change the breast but inmost cases, the results of surgery remain. 

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Breast lift with small implant?

There is no good answer to this question. If you have saggy breasts from weight loss, then there is a good chance pregnancy will play a significant effect on your breasts with or without surgery.  If you plan on having kids soon, then I would recommend you wait. If you have no idea when you plan on having kids, then I would say go for it.  Better to enjoy the way you look while you are still young.

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