Breast Augmentation, but is a lift also needed as well? (Photo)

I want to get breast augmentation,but wanted to avoid a lift. Do you think that is possible?

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A breast augmentation with a lift could offer you excellent results.

Although your nipples don’t appear to need to be repositioned, your breasts exhibit significant sagging and you have excess breast skin. My concern is that breast implants without a lift would only add extra weight to the breasts, pulling them down further and leaving you dissatisfied. Breast augmentation with a lift can bring together the best of both worlds, enhancing breast size, improving shape and rejuvenating the position for a more youthful overall result. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for optimal results.

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Options for breast enlargement without a breast lift

Great question. The best candidates for breast augmentation without a lift, typically have nipples well positioned over their breast tissue. Augmentation alone cannot correct nipples that are positioned too low on the patients breast tissue. The best way to best understand what procedure will best help you achieve your desired result is through a in person consultation. Good Luck! 

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Breast augmentation and lift

If your breast tissue is below the breast fold, then you will benefit from a breast lift. An exam will be the best way to determine which lift if any is necessary. I would recommend a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

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Lift most likely needed

It appears that the majority of your breast tissue sits below the breast fold, along with your nipples/areolae. For this reason, a breast lift may be recommended. 

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Breast Augmentation, but is a lift also needed as well?

Thank you for your question and photographed.  An examination is necessary to properly anterior question.  However based on your photograph, especially on the right side you will need a breast lift in addition to implants to avoid the snoopy deformity.  To understand the potential problem if you do not have a lift please read the link below:

Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Based on your submitted photos you appear to be an excellent candidate for a breast lift with augmentation to produce beautiful overall results.  Schedule a consultation wit a board certified plastic surgeon to be further evaluated, discuss your surgical options, address your goal and work together to create the surgical plan that will best help you achieve the overall look you desire.

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Lift Likely

Patients, like yourself, with both a lack of volume and sagging breasts are most often offered a combination of a breast lift and augmentation (mastopexy augmentation) to address both issues. The trade off is a scar on the breast around the nipple with a possible extension down towards the breast crease creating a lollipop or inverted “T” pattern. The size and location of the scar depends on the amount of lift needed, the patient’s anatomy, and surgeon preference.

The decision to do an augmentation by itself versus an augmentation with a lift is less based on patient preference and more dictated by the nipple position and the ratio between the post-augmented breast volume and the amount of excess skin you have.

The less breast tissue you have, the smaller the implant, the closer the nipples to the breast fold, and the more excess skin you have, the greater the chance you will need a lift to achieve a natural aesthetic outcome

See the link below for more info on augmentation versus augmentation with a lift.

A detailed examination will help delineate the best surgical option. Consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

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Breast implants alone or breast augmentation with a lift?

From your photos and without the benefit of a face to face examination, I'm afraid that placing implants without a breast lift will leave you disappointed at their low position and suboptimal aesthetics.  Those it's appealing to try to avoid a scar it may result in you being dissatisfied for years until you acquiesce to undergoing a lift.  Each person has different goals so discuss your options with an ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon and make your best decision. Please watch the video above for more helpful information.   Regards,

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Lift vs No Lift

Thank you for your question.  You may do well with an augmentation without a lift if you muscle is appropriately release and lower pole breast tissue opened.  To be sure, consult with one or more board certified plastic surgeons for a full evaluation and to discuss your options.  Best wishes!

Nicholas Tarola, MD
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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. Your breasts appear to have two issues. First they are droopy and secondly they appear to have a slight constriction. Although you could place an implant without a lift, this may results in abnormal positioning of the implant as the tight fold may prevent the implant from dropping into the breast. If this occurs, the breast would tend to appear as though they were hanging over the implant producing what is called a waterfall deformity; disruption of the fold, to allow the implant to drop properly to the level of the breast, would possibly create another problem called Double Bubble. Without a personal evaluation, it is difficult to provide any further detail. Needless to say, a mastopexy would necessarily place a scar around the areola and also vertically along the lower portion in some cases as well. It is not unreasonable for you to proceed with breast augmentation alone understanding that if these issues to develop, a breast lift could be performed at a later time. In any case, I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in these matters. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

Melek Kayser, MD
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