Boob soft? Is this ok to do?

So I have a question . My left boob is getting really soft not so tight and I am just able to have more movement on that arm . My right side is tight and I can't move my arm that much. Should I be trying to move and stretch my arm out a little or just stay as still as I can and hope it loosing up on its own ?

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Boob soft? Is this ok to do?

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Thank you for your question. It is not clear about type of surgery and how long ago it was performed.So it is difficult for me to comment. Please talk to your PS and follow instructions from his/her office.

Post Op Concern

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Thank you for the question however you didn't indicate details such as when your surgery was. It is normal for breasts to be firm/swollen and arm movement a bit stiff and sore shortly after BA surgery and breasts commonly heal a  bit differently from each other. However, if you note a new change/discomfort or something concerning it is really best that you that you contact your Plastic Surgeon for advice.
Take care

Post surgery

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I would recommend speaking with your plastic surgeon.  You didn't mention what type of surgery you had or how long it has been since your surgery.  Your doctor will be best able to help answer your questions.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast becoming soft and asymmetry

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Hello and thank you for your question. 
From what you are saying in your question - you do not reveal how long post operation you are - it seems to me that you are feeling your breast become softer and feel more freedom of movement because your left implant has stretched out the breast pocket enough to "drop" and loosen those muscles. Asymmetry while healing is common. It almost always takes one side of the breasts longer to heal than the other. Typically, the muscles in the chest on the "dominant hand" side of the body are constricted and flexed a lot more often than its counter-part, making these muscles tighter and prone to taking longer to "drop and fluff" the implant. It should loosen on its own. 
 I believe - as far as I can without pre- and post-op photos - that you are going through the normal healing process and only need patience and time until you soon will see your final results. 
Best wishes

Traci Temmen, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Check with your surgeon

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You should check with your surgeon as only your surgeon would know the exact procedure performed and your medical history

Boob soft? Is this ok to do?

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Thank you for your question.  Because it is unclear how recent your surgery was I would advise reaching out to your surgeon for their recommendations.  In general it is not uncommon to have one breast soften or drop faster than the other and gentle range of motion to avoid shoulder stiffness is permitted, but again without knowing the full details of your procedure it is difficult to offer definite recommendations.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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It is not unusual for one side to soften faster than the other side.  If you are over a week after your surgery, then I would encourage you to stretch your arms out, massage the breasts, and make sure you have your range of motion.  It can take three months for everything to settle and soften, so just be patient and follow your surgeon's post operative instructions.

Breast augmentation

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You did not give any information as to when your surgery was done, what approach was used, etc..  If you are early post-op, it is best to ask your surgeon what his preferences are.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Talk to your surgeon

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Without knowing how far from surgery you are, this is a difficult question to answer. It is quite common for one implant to feel and look different from the other after surgery. Typically one implant softens differently or settles faster than the other implant. This is typically related to the fact that you may be left or right hand dominant. I instruct my patients to begin certain massages of their implants at one week after surgery. You should discuss these issues with your PS, because he or she is most knowledgeable about your situation.Best wishes,Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Ravi Somayazula, DO
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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