Do you think I would benefit off porcelain veneers? (photos)

One of my front teeth got chipped when I was 11 and the fill in that was put is starting to discolor . I think it's noticeable that it got chipped and that my teeth aren't aligned. From your judgement should I just get the top teeth done or both? A dentist suggested I get 8 on top and 6 on the bottom. What do you suggest? Do you think bottom teeth don't get notice much or think mine aren't too bad?

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Porcelain #veneers are an excellent option #DrSoftTouch

Hello Chrissy,
Thank you for posting your photos!  You appear to be an excellent candidate for veneers.  At the end of the day, the choice is yours!  8-10 porcelain veneers across the top would completely transform your smile. An option for your lower teeth would be to whiten first.  If you're happy with the appearance of your lower teeth after whitening then veneers wouldn't be necessary.  It's important to select an experienced cosmetic dentist that really knows what they are doing. The best indicator to determine if the dentist is going to give you the results that s/he claims, is by viewing before and after photos of his/her patients that have undergone similar or the same procedures. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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You have beautiful smile, however I think that porcelain veneers would enhance your smile. Particularly your upper teeth. consider 8-10 veneers on the top. Your smile doesn't appear on your images to show too much lower teeth, therefore I would tend to recommend to start with upper teeth and then evaluate your smile to determine if enhancing the lowers would be necessary. Regardless of the number of veneers you choose, make sure to discuss the future size/shape and design with your dentist prior to treatment. Routinely we make study models for our patients to evaluate the smile and have a model of the final results for review prior to starting treatment; this way your esthetic goals and your dentists would be similar.
All the best,

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