Is it bad that I can breath from both nostrils but not at the same time? Basically it switches from nostrils every time .

Is it bad that I can breath from both nostrils but not at the same time ? Basically it switches . At one point I can breath from one and then I can breath from the other . Also I feel like I have shortness of breath. Where I feel like I need oxygen in my lungs in order to feel comfortable . What may that be ?

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Nasal cycle

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It is normal for one side of nose to close off and then switch in about 90 minutes. It happens to most people but they are not aware. Some people can become aware of this phenomenon because of allergies etc. You should get evaluated by an Otolaryngologist (ENT).


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Nasal Breathing.

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Thank you for your question.  What you are describing is known as the "Nasal Cycle."  The lining of your nose will swell on one side and shrink on the other side.  This occurs about every 6-8 hours.  However, it may be worse due to a deviated septum, enlarged nasal tissues, allergies, etc.  Not really clear why you would feel short of breath that can be due to asthma, congestive heart failure, poor physical health, etc.  That would best be handled initially by your medical doctor.  Good luck.

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