Back seroma and no one will help! (photo)

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction in January of this year in Miami. I have been fighting a seroma in the small of my back ever since. I have gone to multiple doctors and surgeons and emergency rooms here in Chicago near home with no success. No one will drain it and now I am afraid it has become encapsulated. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who can assist me?

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Back seroma

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Sorry your dealing with a complication after traveling for surgery.  Few thoughts here;1. What does your surgeon in Miami say?2. Is that surgeon board certified?3. You may have to take a trip back for additional surgery to fix it.Best and sorry your dealing with this 

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Back seroma and no one will help!

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I'm sorry for your complication. This is your original surgeon's responsibility. However, if you cannot go back to Florida, then this is something that our office may be able to help you with. However, there are charges associated with placing drains and possible surgery to correct this.

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Chronic Seroma

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No surgeon wants to take care of another surgeons complication, so yes it will be difficult to find someone to treat you. I would start by calling the plastic surgery departments at teaching hospitals in your area.  I am sorry this is happening to you.  Personally I think this is a huge problem in our specialty, but I have no solution.  Good luck, Jane

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