What areas can a lower body lift address?

Is it correct to say a lower body lift targets the abdomen, buttocks and the lateral, anterior, and posterior thighs? In other words, only the medial thigh is not directly affected? With that being said could there still be a minor improvement in that area? I was advised that a low lying abdominoplasty scar would create too much tension to incorporate a medial thigh lift as well. However, I wish I could address all my laxity in one procedure, and I've read of cases where that has been done.

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Areas a lower body lift corrects

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Hello and thank you for your question. You are nearly correct. A lower body lift performed correctly will address the abdomen, mons, lateral thighs and buttocks. 

In my hands I also augment the buttocks and hips using your own tissues.

A thigh lift can be performed at the same time especially if it is a spiral thigh lift. 

Depending on your weight and health multiple procedures can be done at the same surgical setting.

See my images on realself. 

Peter Fisher M.D 

Lower body lift areas

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A lower body lift is a very transformational procedure that can make a dramatic difference in somebody's overall body. The procedure primarily improves the posterior thigh, the buttocks, the lateral thigh, the abdomen, and Mons area, but you will still get a small improvement in the medial thigh area.   I would not recommend doing a medial thigh lift at the same time as a lower body lift because you're creating opposite directions of pull.  You are more likely to end up with a wider scar and a less satisfying a result if you try to combine too many procedures at once.  The lower body lift can be one of the best procedures that I can do for a patient  I would not want to combine it with a medial thigh lift and risk diluting the quality of my results.

A lower body lift addresses the entire area from below the ribs to the lower thighs.

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A lower body lift combines a tummy tuck with a circumferential thigh and buttock lift, which includes the medial thigh. Therefore, it is certainly possible for a lower body lift to address your areas of concern.  It’s important however, that you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in post-weight loss body contouring so that you can achieve the optimal results you deserve. In the right hands, a lower body lift can offer you a dramatic, transformational outcome. Best of luck to you!

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Inner thighs and Lower Body Lift

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A circumferential body lift will recruit and correct MINOR amounts of skin laxity in the upper portions of the anteriomedial thigh (the area just to the outside and below the pubic area) but will not truly address the inner thighs (thigh rubbing) due to the fixation of the skin along the inner groin crease. A medial thigh lift will place an incision here and reduce skin excess and is the best way to treat this.

What areas can a lower body lift address?

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This is hard to answer without an in-person evaluation but in general. a body lift will improve the areas closest to the incision (upper outer and front of thighs) but less further away from the incision (back of thighs). In most cases, a body lift and thigh lift can be done at the same time if desired. See link below for examples.

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