What is an alternative for Orbital Rim Implants?

I was told that the flatness I have underneath my eyes could be greatly improved with orbital implants, however I am not too comfortable with the idea of knowing theres two little implants just sitting below my eyes. The idea just scares me. What are other ways to achieve the same look/volume that the implants would give? Or do you think orbital implants aren't so bad? Could they move around?? Your advice is much appreciated.

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What is an alternative for Orbital Rim Implants?

Orbital rim implants are considered safe and are usually quite stable if placed into the correct meticulously dissected snugged pocket. Some are porous which then means they tend to lock into your own tissues; however then the problem comes if you need to remove them. It is always good to use your own tissues whenever possible for obvious reasons and so fat grafts are an option and you can use other grafts from your own body including bone and cartilage; these may need to be fixed down but they are your own tissue. The easiest option is filler and I would strongly advise a temporary absorbable filler; the advantage here is that of course if you don't like it you know it will go away; conversely the disadvantage is that if you like it.... it will go away!

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What is an alternative for Orbital Rim Implants?

Less invasive options for improving under eye area is filler or fat injection; see video below. The choice depends on various factors and patient's choice. See following video and link.

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No one should have an orbital rim implant unless one is reconstructing prior eyelid surgery.

Orbital rim implants were our best option 20 years ago.  However this issue is now beautifully helped with under eye hyaluronic acid fillers as an office service without the need for surgery. I strong encourage you to consider this approach as an alternative to surgery.  While it is true that you need to find an expert injector and service does require probably annual touch up service, it is much more flexible than surgery and of course if there is an issue, surgery is not needed to fix the problem.  Instead unwanted filler issues can be resolved with injectable enzyme that breaks down the unwanted filler product.

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