Age 33, mother of two. Wanting a tighter looking vagina. What is the best option for me that is also affordable? (photo)

After two children my vagina is totally different. Not sure if I would fix it by getting a labiaplasty or perineoplasty. I would like the labia minor to be joined together like they used to be and the opening on the vagina to be tighter. Please advice what I can do to fix it !

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Wide and lax vagina and vaginal opening...

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YES! Your diminished sensation, laxity, "droopiness" and appearance concerns CAN BE FIXED! A perineoplasty will bulk and "close" the gaping opening and bring the errant labia together in the midline (look at the pics in the weblink, also look at Vaginoplasty and carefully at the Blogs on the site that talk about vaginal tightening...)An EXPERIENCED genital plastic/cosmetic surgeon who SPECIALIZES in repair of the pelvic floor, doing a sexually-reflective muscle-approximating aesthetic repair will help you with your concerns! A standard "A-P repair" will not accomplish the sexual and aesthetic help you wish; this will require a 3-4 layer, vaginal size-minimizing, muscle-approximating sexually mindful repair. This truly is NOT your
",,,friendly local gynecologist " who is not trained in these type of structural, tightening & cosmetic repairs. Ideally, (as I do in my office in Davis, CA), this can be done IN THE OFFICE under local anesthesia,
avoiding the trauma and hassle of a hospital OR and a general anesthetic.

It is about the pelvic floor stretching, muscular and pelvic floor damage frequently afflicted by childbirth in many individuals. This will unfortunately not be covered by insurance & if you want it done right you'll need to see a
specialist in these kinds of careful layered sexually savvy repairs. See the right "Cosmetic Gynecologist, EXPERIENCED in vaginoplasty/perineoplasty tightening repairs. Just tell her or him what you've said here- you won't have to "convince" anything. 

The weblink below is a place to start in your quest! Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD


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This is regular OBGYN stuff and should not take a sub-specialist (urogynecologist) unless there are significant bladder or rectal continence issues. Tightening the canal is regular stuff for my specialty. Good luck, but ask your OBGYN.

Age 33, mother of two. Wanting a tighter looking vagina. What is the best option for me that is also affordable?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Based on the appearance of your vaginal opening I would recommend scheduling an in-person evaluation with a urogynecologist to have the integrity of your pelvic floor examined and appropriate muscular repair performed.  Best wishes. 

Options for a tighter vagina

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Good morning,
You say your vagina is totally different after two children. It is now gaping and you say you want it tighter looking and I'm sure tighter feeling as well. You definitely don't need a labiaplasty. You have very small labia which is what most women are wanting today. You will want to have a consult with a cosmetic gynecologist that is also experienced in reconstructive vaginal surgery to give you the tighter looking vagina you want (this is not covered by insurance) as well as be able to tell if you have other things going on inside, such as prolapse, which is billable by insurance, and can be done at the same time. You can have the cyst on the outside removed at the same time as your other procedures. Good luck.
Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

Tighter vagina (photo)

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From the picture, your issue appears to be related to actual stretching and relaxation of vaginal canal and/or pelvic floor.  Labiaplasty and/or perineoplasty may help, but surgical tightening of introitus and canal are likely indicated.  Consider consulting with uro-gynecology specialist in your area.


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Thank you for sharing. 

Based on your description and the pic you posted, I would recommend focussing on tightening your vagina.

I would first get evaluated properly for any pelvic floor dysfunction as they can be properly addressed at the time of your procedure.

A vaginoplasty should include a perineoplasty and in my opinion this would go a long way to helping attain your desired look.

Best of luck.

I want a tighter looking vagina!

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Hello iphonefive,

Thank you for your post and photo which shows significant obstetrical trauma from your vaginal deliveries. You have naturally small labia so you do not need a Labiaplasty. You do have a gaping vagina with loss of pelvic floor and perineal support. You should consult with a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon whose main practice focus is vaginal rejuvenation. You may have vaginal prolapse which often contributes to vaginal looseness, vaginal pressure and urinary incontinence. If you have these symptoms and this condition, then your surgeon should be able to bill your insurance to correct your urinary incontinence. However, to make your vagina look and feel tight, like it once did, then you'll need an expertly performed vaginoplasty and perineoplasty at the time of your reconstructive pelvic surgery, this is not covered by insurance. Please visit the urogynecologic section of my website, link below, to become more familiar with these problems. Be sure to look at the photo gallery.

Many women travel to Denver from throughout the United States to have their vaginal rejuvenation.  Please call and speak with Wendy, our Patient care Coordinator, to schedule your virtual consultation.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Aguirre Specialty Care - Pelvic Surgery & Intimate Aesthetics®

A vaginoplasty is what you need to address your issues. A labiaplasty will achieve nothing here. You don't have a Bartholin cyst

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Your vaginal opening gapes. This is a sign of muscular damage at the perineum. Any expert in cosmetic gynecology knows this. You have an epidermal cyst which has nothing to do with your Bartholin glands. Anybody who knows anything about vaginal anatomy knows this. Inside the vagina there may be additional damage in addition to the vaginal laxity that you describe. At the very least, you would require a vaginoplasty. However, if there is additional damage to the vaginal supports, you will also need pelvic reconstruction at the same time or your vaginoplasty will fail. You need a consultation and examination to determine how much damage your vaginal supports have sustained. 


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sorry about the changes you've experienced after vaginal childbirth. You're an excellent candidate for a vaginoplasty. There is also a small bartholin cyst that can be removed at the time of your procedure. Vaginal tightening will improve the appearance and the functionality of the vagina to make it tighter and make intercourse better for you and your partner. Best to find an expert to help you! You're looking in the right place!


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it is likely that a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty are your most cost effective procedures that will deliver and definitive result if have completed childbearing.

If you are still contemplating having more children, you may want to consider a nonsurgical option such as ThermiVa.

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