After a tip Rhinoplasty, there is a perfect white patch at the tip of my nose. How can it be blended, hidden or fixed? (Photos)

Dr. said it is the natural cartilage footprint that is visible because my skin is so thin. He said he didn't put anything in the tip all he did was bring the tip together. I didn't have it before, I do not like it and he says there is nothing he can do about it. I asked what he would have done differently if this would have been know to happen and he said nothing, it just naturally happened. Advise or suggestions?

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In some patients, microdroplet Silikon-1000 injections may be considered for camouflaging visible nasal cartilage.

Your photos reveal very thin nasal skin, and visible cartilage may occur following rhinoplasty. It is difficult to determine the "white patch" you're referring to, since you can see a white spot on your preoperative photos too.

In our experience, patients with thin skin and firm cartilage are more prone to visible irregularities, and when they occur, some patients may benefit from judicious silicone nasal injections to camouflage the visible cartilage. Hope this helps you. Dr Joseph

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