African American Hair Transplant for CCCA Patient. (photos)

I am looking for a doctor to perform hair transplant surgery for my thinning hairline and crown area. I was diagnosed with CCCA and traction alopecia several years ago. The area has was treated with extensive medication and cortisone injections to decrease inflammation & redness. A mass majority of the area has not been active from sometime. Unfortunately, because I wear wigs my hair line has suffered. I'm looking to receive surgery for my hairline & possible reduction in the crown.

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Yes hair transplant can be very succesful

s have shown that Hair transplantation is a safe well-tolerated procedure to improve hair loss in African American women with end-stage CCCA who histologically display a lack of inflammation on scalp biopsy. SO if your biopsy shows no acute inflammation the surgery should be successful. I prefer FUE procedures either Neograft or ARTAS robot over FUT to minimize chance of keloids and decrease pain

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You would not be a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery if you have Cicatricial alopecia. Even if

You would not be a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery if you have Cicatricial alopecia.  Even if it has not been active you would have a higher risk than an average person for the transplant not taking (for a worth while outcome).  This risk as to be understood and discussed with your doctor.

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African American Hair Transplant for CCCA

If cicatricial alopecia's  inflammation continues  so it is not suitable to have hair transplant for restoration of vertex..because it is an auto immune disorder..After inflammation that harms hair roots and causes scar has been stopped , than hair restoration may have a solution for that problem.

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Hair loss with CCCA

Cicatricial alopecia is an autoimmune disease and when combined with traction alopecia may cause a failure of a hair transplant if done as the CCCA disease kills the hair follicles, even the transplanted ones. If you undergo a hair transplant, there is great risk that the disease will reactivate and this is why doctors may be weary of offering the hair transplant solution to you

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African American Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in an African American patients are more challenging than other patients; doing a hair line requires not only the talent of a good surgeon but also a good surgical team. You can have a good result after one procedure. However, if the inflammation on the scalp persist; it can have a negative impact on the transplanted hairs.

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