Accidentally tugged on stitch inside nose post Rhinoplasty. Is this bad? Could I affect the overall shape?

I am nearly 5 weeks post-op and have stitches popping out inside of both nostrils. They look like clear fishing line. I accidentally pulled one thinking it was just mucous but it turns out it is a stitch. However, it did not come out and is still in there. I felt slight pain for about 10 seconds but that was it. Should these stitches have already dissolved? Is it bad that I have so many sticking out inside my nose? Will it affect the shape of my nose to accidentally pull on one?

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Permanent sutures in rhinoplasty

The sutures should have been absorbed by now. Permanent sutures are used in rhinoplasty only under the skin and should not be visible. You should see your surgeon and get this looked at. RegardsDr. J

Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Intranasal Sutures are Dissolvable

All of the sutures inside of the nose are meant to dissolve, but I would talk to your rhinoplasty surgeon about what is going on.  They may be able to trim some of the sutures back to that they are not sticking out as much.  I would leave them alone for now and wait until your surgeon is able to check you out and make sure that you are fine.

Jason D. Bloom, MD
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