29 Transgender Breast Augmentation with a Twist: I had gynecomastia surgery 5 years ago and am transitioning from MTF (Photo)

I'm a 29 yo trans woman measuring 5' 8", 130 lbs, have a 34A bust. I am currently 11.5 months on HRT. I have started to gain more fat in my chest area, but I'm not sure if I will actually develop to a Full, nice, "C" as I would like. Would 375 cc of moderate +profile be a good size for me ? How is BA surgery different since im trans? How long should i be on hormones until I get implants? What size would 375 cc give me? I recently had a doc suggest 600-6500 cc which seems intense. Please Help!

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Breast augmentation for a transgender female

Wow -- you are an interesting case!
Too bad you had gyne surgery years ago -- the extra tissue would have added to your new feminine shape.
There is no set formula for how long you shoud be on HRT before having breast augmentation.  However, be aware that it is doubtful that you will develop much tissue on your chest because the gyne surgery (assuming it was done effectively) may have removed much of your own innate breast tissue.  Without breast tissue to begin with, the hormones cannot stimulate further growth.  
The size of the implants are worth discussion with a plastic surgeon.  Just be aware that with your height and frame, there is a "reasonable" size that would look nice and natural without raising eyebrows as you walk down the street.  If you were my patient, I would not recommend 650cc or so -- it would look large on your body and would look totally artificial (unless that is the look that you would like).  You can have a "try-on" session with your plastic surgeon to help determine the the best size for you.
Good luck!
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