1 month rhinoplasty post operation and while I see improvement, there is still a bump? (Photo)

I recognize that healing takes up to a year, but when I look at other people who are 1 month post-op, I do not see this issue. Also, the bump feels hard so I do not believe it is swelling. I am seeking a second opinion from my doctor.

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Bump one month after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for the question for photos. I do notice what you are talking about. While the bump on the bridge tend to reach it's final shape sooner than the tip it can still take some time. Follow up with your surgeon and give it time, hopefully it's just swelling. Good luck

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One month postoperative rhinoplasty surgery is too early to judge your results.

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The majority of swelling of the nasal bridge may be dissipated 3-6 months postoperative rhinoplasty when you have thin skin. You should certainly discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and you may benefit from consulting with another rhinoplasty specialist so you could see what might be best for you moving forward. Depending on your examination, if your bump is persistent five to twelve months from now, bump removal and osteotomies may be considered for a narrower nasal appearance, and an improved nasal profile. Hope this helps you. Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Thank you for your question.

You are still quite early in your recovery period and your appearance will continue to refine.  It may take up to a year for all swelling to resolve and for your nasal appearance to settle to a final outcome. Your doctor may prescribe you a Medrol dose pack (steroid) to help reduce the swelling. Healing is often unpredictable and one side may heal quicker than the other and sometimes even nasal bones may shift in healing.  The outcomes may not be as expected.  In some cases a revision may be recommended to refine your outcomes, but I would wait at least 12-18 months so you are fully healed before considering a revision. 
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Recovering from rhinoplasty and evaluating your result for a bump

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Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Part of that process is waiting for swelling to go down to see your result. Bumps may appear because the swelling next to it has gone down. It's tough to judge without examining and touching the nose.

In the first 6-8 weeks the majority of swelling will go down. Over the next 6-9 months you'll experience a downward trending rollercoaster of swelling going up and down depending on your exposure to heat, sun, or salt. At one year, you're close to your final result; however, the nose is known to continue healing and refining by very small amounts for years after that. So at 1 month, it's very early in the process.

The swelling commonly goes down in an uneven way. First one side and then the other goes down, which may give the appearance of a crooked nose until the other side catches up. The tip is the last area to settle down. It's important to follow your surgeon's instructions and keep your follow-up appointments so your surgeon can track your progress toward a safe and happy outcome. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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Still with dorsal hump

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From your pictures, you appear to have a wonderful outcome.  It is entirely possible the residual "hump" you see is still swelling.  Allow some more time as the swelling can be very slow to resolve after this type of surgery. 

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Rhinoplasty results

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You are already doing exactly what I would recommend -- getting it assessed in person by your surgeon. Based on your photos, you look great for 1 month post op so whatever you are doing, keep doing it.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
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Post Rhinoplasty Concerns

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You appear to have an excellent result consistent with only a one month recovery. Your surgeon can offer reassurance and support as you heal. You likely have "normal" soft tissue swelling and callus formation of your nasal bones, which is often seen at this phase and will improve over time. Some individuals have less swelling than you may have, depending on their particular case and surgical approach. Best Wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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