One Ear Pinned More Than the Other? (photo)

I had otoplasty done 5 days ago. Today when the bandages came off, i was a bit shocked to see one ear pinned more than the other. The doctor said my left ear was more prominent and had to be over corrected, but to me it looks a lot more. My whole family can see it. Is that normal? Also they are swollen a lot. My right ear looks slightly back, but the left has a big fold. Also as you can see in the folds stitches. Are stitches used normally in the fold? Will they come off? I am very nervous.

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Dear oohman123,

  • It is still way too early to make judgement calls
  • Perfect symmetry is a goal, and it is very difficult to have both ears in the exact same location on both sides
  • Give it several weeks and the swelling will settle out

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Asymmetrical otoplasty

The difference usually is the swelling behind the ear at this early stage.  When do you see your doctor again? Have him explain what you are seeing.



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