Breast Reduction Revision?

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago. My breast are still large 34 D or DD. It seems to me that only lift was done. Shape of breast is nice and nipple is lifted and well positioned. My incision was lollipop. Is it possible to reduce bottom part of breast with horizontal incision only without moving or incising the nipple? Should I pay full price for revision? Thank you

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Inframammary Excision for Second Stage Breast Reduction

With a lollipop scar pattern, you did not have much of a breast reduction and mainly a lift. You may benefit now by an inframmammary excisional approach to reduce and tighten the bottom of your breast by your description. At two years after your initial procedure, this would not be considered a revision. But as the work may be more limited than the original procedure, your overall costs may be less.

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Still large after breast reduction

Go back to your original surgeon and explain your concerns.  Unfortunately you may need additional surgery.  How much this will cost is up to you and your surgeon.  It may require a full breast reduction again.  The ideal position for the level of the nipple is always the same so he may not have to change that.  But to remove tissue and tighten the skin may require similar extent of  surgery as first time.

Randy Proffitt, MD
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Second breast reduction

It is difficult to know whether further breast surgery would be considered a revision or something more extensive. I have found that repeat surgery on breasts is often more challenging and technically difficult with increased risk of complications. This is not to alarm you but to let you know that you should be very careful in choosing your surgeon who should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you feel comfortable returning to your previous surgeon, he or she is in the best position to know exactly what surgery you had. If that is not possible, it would be very helpful to your new surgeon if you can get a copy of the operative report from your first surgery. And be sure to discuss your goals with your surgeon in detail. Good luck to you.

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